Part 2 - Advanced Line Art Techniques

Adobe Illustrator

Advanced Line Art Techniques – Part 2 – Creating Dynamic Line Art

What Will this Class Focus on?

The second class in a two part series. This class will focus on creating actual finished high quality line art based on the tools demonstrated in part one, Tools of the Trade- Adobe Illustrator. The techniques demonstrated in this video are the same that I use on a daily basis creating art for my clients. Anytime I am working for a client I focus on two important principles with each project, quality and efficiency. Those are the two principles we will focus on for this class as well.
* It is highly recommended that students who are not familiar with the tools list below take Advanced Line Art Techniques – Part 1 in order to understand and keep up with the material presented in this class.

What you will need to view this course.

  • A computer with an internet connection. – It is recommended that the students have a direct connection to the Internet as opposed to wifi for live classes. This helps make sure there is a cleaner presentation with less interruptions
  • A cozy chair. These lessons will last at least one hour and may go slightly longer depending on how many questions are asked
  • A note pad to jot down anything important you want to remember. -To get the most out of this class I highly recommend taking notes. Although the information often seems very clear during the instruction it can be difficult to remember all the steps involved if you are unfamiliar with the techniques being presented.

What you will need if you want to recreate the presentation using you own artwork.

  • A computer capable of running Adobe Illustrator
  • A copy of Adobe Illustrator- I recommend working with CC to get the most out of the lessons. If you are working with a lower version you should be OK but you may be missing a few of the newer upgrades and tools.
  • A tablet with a pressure sensitive stylus. – I use a Cintiq but an Intous or bamboo are also fine. I do not have experience with any other companies than Wacom so that is all I can recommend. Although you can create some the techniques I’m demonstrating with a mouse others can only be done with a pressure sensitive stylus. That means using one of the options listed above.

Material I will cover in this course

  • How to use the pen tool
    • Creating straight lines
    • Creating precise 45 and 90 degree angles
    • How to create curved lines
    • How to trace a sketch with the pen tool
    • How to created curved lines from a straight line
  • How to use the pencil tool
    • What is the smooth tool and how does it work
    • How to use the path eraser tool
    • Editing paths using the pencil tool
  • Understanding anchor points and curves
  • How to edit line art using the direct selection tool
  • How to create thick and thin lines with the line width tool
  • How to use the brush tool
    • Creating your own brushes
    • How to import and save a brush library
    • How to edit strokes created with the brush tool
    • How to control line weight using the brush tool
    • Understanding how to use the brush tool pallet
  • How to outline strokes and convert them into shapes
  • How to use the pathfinder tool to edit shapes and to create the appearance of dynamic line art
  • How to work with layers
  • How to create simple actions to lighten the work load
  • How to save and export your finished files
  • How to work with Photoshop files in Illustrator
  • Understanding the shape builder tool

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Bob Ostrom
Bob Ostrom

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